Sorry NOT Sorry


How many times have you said sorry for your child? At a restaurant, when they’re clanking on the table with a spoon? On a plane, when they’re getting fussy because they don’t want to be strapped in? Or anywhere beyond the walls of your own home? Hey, I’m Canadian and we love saying “sorry”, but why do I say it for Lyla? It’s because I don’t want to be judged by others for the way I take care of my child, I’m afraid of being mom shamed. Continue reading

Not So Perfect

Truth – I purchased this blog domain 4 months ago. When Lyla caught a cold and threw up all over me at 3am, I felt “I can’t be the ONLY one going through this, right?!”. That’s what cultivated the idea of sharing my interesting journey with everyone out there.

Fast forward to now, an energetic (almost) toddler and a sprained wrist later, I’m writing my first post! Some call it being lazy, some (me!) call it being tired, I am ready to share my delayed journey! Mind you, I’m writing this while my daughter is sitting 4 feet away from our 70 inch television watching Dave and Ava. I’m not a perfect mom, I do what some mothers frown down upon – like letting their 1 year old watch television! As a stay at home mom, I miss having that peace and quiet, I miss talking to adults, I miss mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, I miss spinning and stretching out on my yoga mat. All of the above is being replaced by the endless loads of laundry, hiding tissue boxes from Lyla and cooking food only to be thrown off the highchair. Most people make motherhood look easy – my question is HOW?!

This is me. This is our life. And as cliched as it sounds – I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world (okay maybe a lifetime supply of wine! Kidding). Need to get back to the little one because she found a piece of tissue and would like to taste it even though she had quite a healthy and hearty breakfast!

Until our next (mis)hap 😉