Twinkle twinkle Little Star – Lyla’s 1st Birthday

We survived our first year of parenthood! To commemorate this special occasion, we celebrated Lyla’s first birthday with our close friends and family. I had no idea how much planning went into organizing a child’s first birthday!

We decided to have her birthday theme as “twinkle twinkle little star” because Moe vetoed my football suggestion! In all honesty, I’d sing twinkle twinkle little star and rub my belly  every since I was 4 months pregnant. When she was born, I continued with the singing, and it kept her calm during those sleepless nights and growth spurts – so there’s a bit of an emotional attachment to her first birthday theme.

Like every 1 year old, Lyla was miserable during her first birthday. She only wanted to be held by ME, which is annoying and sweet in its own way. Nevertheless, we had an amazing time, and our awesome friend captured some magical moments.

The party was organized in our building lounge, and we cooked (by cooked I mean baked or defrosted) food ourselves. The cake was created by a local bakery (Fritz’s) to match the theme of the birthday.

Our food set up was minimal since we arranged for the birthday to be from 2-5pm. We whipped up some homemade chicken salad sliders, baked mini quiches and pigs in a blanket from Costco, and I made a little rainbow veggie platter for the health aspect of course!

The only decor I had were colorful balloons and confetti for the table. Besides that, my friends added the birthday favors and Lyla’s monthly pictures to the decor.

Since Lyla couldn’t cut her cake (sharp objects and all), I did it for her. Yes, I let her try some cake, that sugar rush was necessary since this entire birthday party took place during her nap time! After the cake cutting, we managed to sneak in some family pictures as well.

Here are a few extra snippets from her day of fun. It was tiring doing all the planning, underestimating how long it would take to set up, and the clean up wasn’t a joke – but it was worth it. I have enough beautiful pictures to show Lyla how fabulous her first birthday was, and how cranky she had been! They say parents do the first birthday for themselves, it’s true – but I’m glad we did, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Photo credit – Chet Desai Photography

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