Clown Feet


Moe bought me a pair of shoes for Valentine’s Day – and as much as I love them, I’m thinking of returning them! Why? Because pregnancy got the best of my feet – seriously!

I went out seeking advice from the experts – a Facebook Mama group! I asked “has your shoe size gone up with each pregnancy” and the consensus was ‘f*ck YEAH’. Here’s a little bit of a backstory – my shoe size went up half a size thanks to Miss Lyla! The pregnancy hormone relaxin, the one that loosens up the joints around your pelvis for your little one to make their grand entrance, it can loosen up feet ligaments too – causing your foot bones to spread 😭 Anyhow, I got rid of some of my old shoes in the hopes of replacing them with snazzy new ones. Shopping is always pretty exciting, so I Marie Kondo’d the crap out of my closet to make space for new purchases. Lo and behold, not only am I down a couple pairs of shoes, but I may not be able to buy some nice ones till I’m done having babies! Stretch marks and balding wasn’t enough, having clown feet comes along with the role of motherhood! The sad/funny part is, I attempted to email a shoe company and asked (or begged) them to exchange my new shoes (only purchased 3 years ago) for a bigger size due to the whole pregnancy related clown feet situation. I’m 100% sure customer service laughed their butt off, and then kindly replied “no”! Who could blame them?! If only there was some store policy that allowed moms to find comfort in their new shoe size!

Now that I’ve shared my woes of shoe shopping for moms, I’m coming to terms with living in flip flops and sneakers for life!

Until the next i(ssue/shoe) 😉

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